Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Post, Yay!

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to start an accountability journal.  I hope you decide to join me.

I currently own a ebay business that is doing pretty well, I'm also working on my MBA with a concentration in healthcare, and I currently work at one of the leading hospitals in the US as a business analyst.  Although financially my career will be decent, I'm not totally attracted to working for "the man" for the rest of my life.  I've always been into starting up small businesses and what not.  In 2008 I got introduced to internet marketing and have since done okay making about 10-15k / year (Nothing much compared to some folks) from just internet marketing alone.

My goal is to start a offline SEO business. I know I'm able to get people ranked high in local serps as I've done it for several friends, so now I just want to get paid for it, and I see it as a means to make a good income.

My biggest challange is 1) Time and 2) Taking action.  Like most, I will "get ready to get ready" and never really take action. That's the point of this blog, I hope it may inspire someone else like me, to team up and keep eachother on track!!

What I've done so far, I've created a basic SEO website, just for validity, if anyone asks.  I have google voice setup , and I have laid out a game plan with tools.  Maybe my next post will go over the tools that I'm going to be using.  I actually tried to start a offline business about 2 years ago (beginning of 2010) but I got incredibly busy and I dropped the ball.. so this is my second stint at it.  One thing I won't be doing this time is cold calling. I called about 100 people and got 100 no's. It was just not a good experience i really lost motivation.  This time I'm going to try going the warmer approach.

1) First client within 30 days of TODAY.
2) Start networking for clients, maybe send a facebook last to people asking for help in return %.  (Thanks Taktical)
3) First check.

I Please, I hope if anyone out there wants to get started and needs and accountability parter to team up, make one of these free blogger blogs, takes 20seconds and just give it a go, we'll keep everyone on track!

Talk soon

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  1. Hey Hitch,

    I don't know if this message will reach you, but I figure can't hurt to try. I'm directed to this site from one of the thread you started in BHW. How are you doing in getting clients for SEO work? I see you had several interests in internet marketing and you also have a successful Ebay career.

    I'm wondering in your opinion, what field is more lucrative? I'm starting from a blank slate, so I don't mind investing time and money into either fields.