Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tools I'm Using

This post is going to be reserved for Tools that I'm using, I'm just going to keep updating this as it progresses.

  1. Scrapebox
  2. SEOPressor
  3. Optimizepress
  4. Linkwheel Bandit
  5. SquidProxy
  6. AMR
  7. Fiverr Gigs

1. Scrapebox is just a a solid all around SEO tool. Finding quality links, building links, testing proxies and a whole host of other cool features.  This is a tool that is very powerful and should be in any serious IMers arsenal in my opinion.

2. SEOPressor.  Seopressor is a great tool that is actually a wordpress tool.  It's used to rate blog posts in terms of SEO quality.  I find this helpful when I'm also writing articles.  I just create a blog post, enter the KW's I'm interested in and keep writing until I rach optimal quality.

3. Optimizepress - this is a WP add on I use for mini sites and member sites, may not be useful for offline marketing however It may come in handy.

4. Linkwheel bandit.  This is an awesome tool that I believe will have a large impact on my business, essentially it creates and manages your linkpyramids for you.  I've managed to create a very solid link pyramid over the past day while I've been at work.. it does it's work pretty much on auto pilot..This will be a solid tool for building SEO content for offline businesses and over all link building.

5. Squidproxy - I use this for my private proxies that I use with scrapebox and LWB.

6. Article marketing robot (AMR) - this is one of the best article submitters.  Spin your articles with the best spinner (TBS) then submit with AMR.  Overall another great way to build solid links for Offline clients.

7. Fiverr Gigs - when necessary I will blast xrumer, senuke links to my miniets (non money sites) just to build link juice.

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